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4 Reasons You May Need the Private Investigation Services of Fairview Investigations

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While most of us want to think the best of people, the real world is sometimes fraught with dishonesty and corruption. There are situations where assistance and expert advice are necessary to combat such threats. For example, fake companies, dating scams, identity theft, infidelity, false resumes, and investment scams all require investigation to find out the truth. Fairview Investigations offers services that can help.

We provide surveillance, cell phone and computer exploration, GPS installation and monitoring, missing persons, and financial  investigations to help you get to the bottom of a tough situation. Not sure if private investigation services can help you? Here are four reasons why you might need to hire a private investigator in Massachusetts.

Winning a Child Custody Case

In order to win full custody, you need to prove that the other parent is unfit to fulfill that duty. You’ll need compelling and admissible facts to make your case in court. Our private investigators can help prove facts that you might not be able to gather on your own and we can serve as witnesses during the case. With the right evidence and facts, a complex custody case becomes a simple trial.

Discovering Identity Theft

When your personal information is stolen for fraud purposes, it can be difficult and expensive to clear your name and fix your credit score. Unfortunately, millions of dollars are stolen every year by identity thieves. A private investigator in Massachusetts can help discover who the criminal is and provide a report for law enforcement so the police can take action. We can also advise you on keeping it from happening again.

Checking Dating Backgrounds

So, you’ve met someone special online, or maybe you ran into a great guy or gal at a local bar. How do you know they are who they say they are? It’s important to be cautious so you don’t get scammed. Our private investigators can conduct a full background check to verify your date’s identity. We have services to verify address, employment, education, ID or passport, court and criminal records, birthdate, and more. We’ll also look into fraud risks.

Divorce Asset Search

Divorce is an unfortunate situation, but when it happens, you want to make sure that assets are divided fairly and equally. Let us look for any domestic and overseas assets your spouse might be hiding such as bank accounts or physical property to get you the best settlement.

These are just a few of the many situations where you might need our services. Good private investigation services can perform surveillance activities, interview people, research background information, document and report investigation results, and maybe even perform undercover investigations. Anytime you need to investigate further into a situation to protect yourself, Fairview Investigations has your back. Call us today and find out what we can do for you.